eDesign Questionnaire

We're almost done! We need just a little more from you...

The next step is important so we have all the information we need. I need to get some images and information from you via email (if you haven't sent it already).

Please take photos of the space you'd like me to design. Include all walls by stepping back so that the whole wall is in the picture if possible. If your phone camera has a wide-angle option, use that.

Make a simple line drawing presenting all the walls and add dimensions. Locate windows and doors and include widths first, then heights. For windows, include the heights from the floor to the windowsill top. You can scan or take a photo of this drawing so you have a file to send to me.

If you have the original floor plan, you could copy or scan that section and email it to me, too. I’ll still need the dimensions measured and written down.

If you have color, fabric or finish samples, or inspiration pictures or links to them, please send them over to me with the images mentioned above.

The more information I have, the more helpful my advice and plans will be.

Please send the images and any additional information to us by email at info@finndesigninc.com.

Please see the Terms and Conditions.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you on your project!
Riitta Ylonen
Finn Design Inc.